Sustainability. We are member of the sustainability code.

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We, the people at druckprozess, care about sustainability. We are member of the Sustainability Code and with our daily work we count on transparent and responsible actions. Thereby we encourage the people and the region, where we are located

The German Council for Sustainable Development passed as resolution the Sustainability Code in its plenary session 13 October 2011. The transparency standard was sent to the German Federal Government with a recommendation for implementation.

In a database the Sustainability Code visualises the efforts of companies to achieve sustainability. It thus creates a greater commitment to do so in a transparent and comparable manner. The German Council for Sustainable Development broadens the basis for a green economy and raises relevance of sustainability issues. The aim is to re-orientate capital allocation in sustainably oriented business models. The Sustainability Code is suitable for companies of every size and legal form.

The development of database was supported by a project of the Sustainable Business Institute by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel recognized the Sustainability Code in her speech at the annual conference of the German Council for Sustainable Development on 25 June 2012. It would be a good orientation for sustainable economy: “The Federal Government supports this Code. We are encouraging even more companies to use it.”

We encourage this Database and therefore it is naturally for us to contribute.


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