Automotive exterior design. Inkjet printed for lightweight constructions.

Automotive exterior

For automotive exterior, composites are the right materials. For lightweight structures are woven and nonwoven fabrics, made of different fibres, the best choice. In that way it is possible, to construct covers, inlays, onlays and other shapes cost efficient and long lasting. To get a vibrant look,  decorfoils, nonwovens or wovens are used as a top layer, which perfectly could be printed digitally. Metalls are in the same way heavy as expensive. BMW has proofed with its case study of an fully made of fabric concept car his strength of innovation as well as the proof of the power of alternate materials in moedern designs. These, bundeled with new ways of manufacturing and the combination with digital printing, could have an enormous reducing of weight as a result. This would cause an improvement of efficiency of vehicles at the end of the day, what would be helpfull to safe our ressources.


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