Functional inkjet printing. Marvelous possibilities.

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Functional inkjet printing – this chapter is one of the newest in the development of inkjet printing. There are numerous of applications and possibilities under the use of different materials, chemicals and processes. To give you a rough idea of applications and what is possible already, here some short examples of functional inkjet printing. Printing of adhesive substrates, where fibers, foils or other materials could adhere. This a kind of digitalizing of analog processes. Or circuit boards are sometimes digitally printed. There are two possible ways. First is to print the circuits themselves. The other is to print the circuits on a copper platened board with a protective ink. Afterwards you bring the board into an etching bath, were the unprotected copper is etched off. Another application is the use of UV-luminescent inks for safety or decoration purposes. Electro-luminescent inks for the public transport section as safety-signs, design- or ambient elements as well as for hometextile and architecture. If you have your own application in mind, we definitely should talk about.


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